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The Clock that had no Hands and Nineteen other essays About Advertising by Herbert Kaufman

This work is a collection of wonderful essays on Advertising written by Herbert Kaufman. These essays trace the beginning of advertisement with the rapid growth in population and trade. The essays have very well focused on the change that advertisement has brought in the field of trade and industry. These essays are very short, simple and concrete. Together, the essays have dealt with the necessity of advertising, factors which enhanced development in this field and advantages of advertisement. While dealing with such complex subject also author has maintained the simplicity of language and style. They have also dealt with the short comings of this newly developed industry. After reading the series of essays on advertisement the reader will be in a better position to understand the significance of this newly evolved industry.

The title of the book is the title of first essay which has compared advertisement and trade as clock with its hands. The subsequent articles throw light on various aspects of advertisement. The essay like “The man who retreats before his defeat” deals with over expectations associated with advertisement. The author want to make a clarification through his essays like “How Alexander untied the knot” and few others that advertisement is not a short cut. The author has strongly emphasized this as a field of people with talent and smartness. There are also practical trips and tricks, and dos and don’ts for professionals in this field. This piece of work is also good for general reading.

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