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The Chemical History of a candle by Michael Faraday

This work is a series of lectures given by Michael Faraday on the various processes taking place in candle when it burns. These lectures give the knowledge of interesting history of candles. In this lectures, Michael faraday has thrown light on the amazing properties of candles and different kinds of candles and its improvisation over a period of time. The process of making of different kinds of candles is explained in simpler terms. For his young audience, he has kept apart the technical terms and explained beautifully the candle and its flame and the process and products of its burning. He has suggested various simple experiments to get hands on experience of the theories explained by the great scholar in his lectures.

The first lecture deals with general character of candles and its arrangement and the process of combustion taking place in it. Then Michael Faraday has proceeded to the discussion of products as the result of combustion of candles. The following lectures have done an in-depth analysis of the properties of water produced by the burning of candle and hydrogen and oxygen as its constituents. The last lecture on candles also discuss the properties of carbonic acid as a by product of combustion in candles. Every complex and minute process inside the candle flame was described with numerous experiments so that the concept will be clearly understood by the audience. The last lecture is a lecture on Platinum and its properties.

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