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The Business Career in its public relations by Albert Shaw

This is an interesting lecture on the moral side of the commercial world. This lecture may sometimes sound philosophical but after reading few pages reader feel its close association with the concrete facts around us. Albert Shaw tries to clear the clouds of dishonesty which a common man associates with business. In this lecture, he has put forward strong argument to prove that faith and honesty is the predominant factors in today’s business world. After reading this piece of work the reader will surely trade as a noble profession. Throughout the lecture, Albert Shaw has exhibited his quality of focusing on the positive aspects of every field and depicted his positive approach towards life in this work.

The lecture started with a discussion on significance of trade as a profession and its necessity for the growth and development of state and society. The author has compared the trade as a profession to the other respectable professions like law and medicine and the professionals work in public interest. Albert Shaw in this lecture has also discussed the significance of professionals like teachers and architects and their role in the society. The lecture has brought into light the evils of business brought about by industrialization and the traditional business practices of the past. Then the author has traced the era of reforms in the business world with the end of regime of capitalism and the new economic laws.

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