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The Bronze Age in Ireland by George Coffey

This is an important work on the history of Bronze Age in Ireland by George Coffey. This book throws light on the various types of materials of daily use, implements and weapons used by the people of Bronze Age in Ireland. This book also stress that the people of Bronze Age in Ireland did not exist in isolation and they were in touch with other communities of the continent. Based on the study of relics of Bronze Age in different parts of Ireland, Bronze Age is divided into five periods and author has done his best in this book to elaborately describe the specific features and development taken place in each period. This book also includes the illustrations of numerous implements and weapons made of copper and bronze used in these periods. The author has described every illustration with its possible use in that period, construction and constituent along with the places where they were found.

This book contains extensive knowledge about the evolution and transition in the life of man from the Neolithic age to the copper age followed by the Bronze Age. The change in the life of primitive man with the use of implements and weapons made with stones and metals can be understood. This book also examines the influence of other communities existing in other part of the continents on the implements and weapons made by the inhabitants of Ireland in Bronze Age. The abundance of gold in Ireland in Bronze Age and the skills and art in making ornaments is fascinating. This book will be very useful in the in depth study of Bronze Age. The description of the beauty of implements and the analysis of skills and methods followed to make these implements is amazing.

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