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Astronomy for Amateurs by Camille Flammarion

This book is distinct from all other books on Astronomy. As the book goes on it give rise to a sense of guilt for being ignorant about the world around us. It does not go deep into the scientific theories or technicalities of the subject, but very efficiently presented the required information to the reader. This will be a great book for a beginner but its contents will not satisfy the sections of reader who have already very well acquainted with the subject. This will be a good book for general reading also. This book surely can be classified as a book on Astronomy with an artistic touch. Reader of any age and with any background can read and enjoy this book and gain knowledge of basics of Astronomy and next time watch the sky with a smile on the face.

This book begins with an interesting section on contribution of women in the study and progress of Astronomy. This section is followed by the chapters on universe, constellations, star, sun as a star and sun as a centre of the solar system. The bulk of the book is devoted to the solar system and the various phenomenons associated with it. As the title suggest, this book will be of great help for ordinary men watching the night sky comprising of various illuminated objects. The concluding chapters of this book are fascinating. There is a systematic flow of information in this book presented to the reader in a beautiful manner. Every concept and theory is explained keeping in view the understanding of a beginner in this subject.

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