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The Art of Money Getting Or, Golden Rules for Making Money by P.T.Bamum

The title of the book itself will surely attract the readers toward this book. This book speaks about rational savings. The authors strongly condemn extravagance and spending on luxuries. The book is full of fun and sarcasm and conveys a great message of simple living. This book is of perfect length, to be finished in one sitting and can be reread for keeping ourselves on the ground reality and identify the real pleasures of life. The author discusses every aspect of human life like assessing the right skill set to other qualities like hard work and true vision to be successful in life. In this short and concrete work, author has thrown light on the good business practices to be successful in one’s profession.

This is a very simple but well written book and reader with an average knowledge of the language can easily follow and enjoy. Economics applicable to our day to day life is the point of discussion in this book. The qualities needed in a business man to be successful in his business are pointed out by the author in this book. The author has raised his concern over the acquired habits like addiction to tobacco and intoxicating substances and maintaining those habits at the expense of necessities. The main principle to achieve prosperity and to maintain prosperity is spending judiciously and spending less than the earned money and the author insist on every reader to follow this as the only way to earn and save money.

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