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The Art of Interior Decoration by Emily Burbank and Grace Wood

This book is aimed at that section of readers who have a flare and knack of interior decoration but lacks in professional knowledge about the subject. This book may change your attitude towards the arrangement of your room. The beautiful illustrations add charm to this book on interior decoration. This is a simple book which will surely help to enhance the beauty of your room. This book does not speak about expensive materials to decorate the house. The main focus is to rearrange the existing furniture with some alteration and presenting the room in a better way. The book has touched all the components from carpets to colour of the room, furniture to curtain, photos to artistic paintings and their significance in constituting a beautiful room.

The book contains the interior decoration of living room, bedroom, dining room, study and other significant corners together which constitute a beautiful house. The careful reading of the book will show that the main principle followed by the author in this book is necessity followed by comfort, elegance and beauty. There is a brief discussion on history of interior decoration without going into the technicalities of its evolution. The discussion on specific features of furniture used in different parts of the world and different varieties of furniture and also a brief discussion on its evolution is just amazing. The chapters towards the end of the book will be very useful for the beginners and discusses the basic rule of interior decoration.

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