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The Architecture and Landscape Gardening of the Exposition: A Pictorial Survey of the Most Beautiful Architectural Compositions of the Panama Pacific International Exposition by Mullgardt, Louis Christian

This is a paper presentation describing the beauty of the architecture and landscape gardening of the landmark exposition held in San Francisco. This paper has given a good insight into the different elements like planting, coloring and sculptures which marked the grand success of this international exposition. This paper has wonderfully described the main attractions of the exposition. Mullgardt, Louis Christian has successfully given an overview of the arrangements of the great Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The perfect blend of architectural style and theme of different parts of the world was seen in the exposition and it has been elaborately discussed in this paper. Every creation of the exposition reflected the creativity and innovation of the architect from group of eight palaces to court of ages and court of palms.

The symmetry and beauty exhibited by the Exposition from different view points is amazing. The beds of flora comprising of palms, pines and acacia along with blooms of tulips, begonias, dahlias and plants from different parts of the world added the charm to the exposition. The natural view from hillside and the arrangement of reflected view in pools and lagoons are astounding. The domes of the palaces, pillars and towers along with sculptures and vegetation and light arrangement create a great panorama. This paper has brought out the uniqueness and special features of the exposition. This paper presentation is a beautiful journey through the courts and palaces with its arches, tombs, pillars and towers decorated with the landscape gardening and sculpture and coloring.

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