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The Apple Tree by L.H. Bailey

This book is all about apple tree and it is written so well that the reader will start loving apple tree. It describes different stages of the growth of apple tree and the charm it add to the beauty of nature. This book also contains the beautiful images of apple tree in different stages of its growth and in different seasons. The unique physical characteristics of apple tree make it distinct. The study of apple tree is very interesting from the very beginning of its growth that is from its bud stage. This book has described the different parts of apple tree and its growth pattern and function. This book has brilliantly elaborated the most significant stage of development of fruit from flower.

This book will give very interesting facts about apple tree and its growing. The pruning and thinning is very important process for the healthy growth of apple tree and quality of fruit bearing. This book discusses the various methods of propagation of apple trees. It also describes the various grafting methods. The history of apple and apple tree given in this book is fascinating. It also discusses the various varieties of apple and apple trees and the regions of the world where it grows. The part of the book which deals with the citizens of apple tree is humorous, interesting and informative. Overall this book is amazing. The innovative method of the author to discuss the natural process of growing of apple tree with slight modification from man for its better productivity. Throughout the book reader will feel himself very close to the nature.

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