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A Terminal Market System: New York’s Most Urgent Need, Some Observations, Some Comments, and Comparisons of European Markets by Madeleine Black

This work is an outcome of intense market research of different countries and an in-depth study of the problem of the markets in United States particularly in New York. This work has raised concern over the present market practice which ends in loss to consumers and producers as well as city treasury. Based on various observations and comparisons the author has suggested reforms and a terminal market system to minimize the loss, delay and confusion encountered by the consumer and producer. This work also stress on the stringent control of Municipal Corporation over this terminal market system. After such a deep analysis the author advocates the urgent need of terminal market system and public support to implement these reforms.

Madeleine Black has given the facts and figures of countries that follow the terminal market system. The change brought in the market system with the growth of the cities like London is given to the reader. The reader is not over poured with too much of data. But data collected for different cities of the European countries is systematically presented for the reader to analyze and arrive at a decision. The last section of this work is the comments of author in support and the need of immediate implementation of terminal market system. The reform measure suggested by the author is strongly backed by concrete data and live examples. This book can be read for the comparative and analytical study made by the author.

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