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Success (Second Edition) by Baron Max Aitken Beaverbrook

This book is a bunch of interesting articles. The main aim of these articles is to motivate the young man to achieve success. Each article in this volume is focusing on different aspects of successful and happy life. Though success means different for different individuals, but the author of these articles has shared some simple and general path for his reader to reach their goal. The author has also discussed the general qualities of successful men have in common. These articles were written without any intention of publishing it and that too in the form of this collection. Hence there is lot of repetitions but this will surely not affect the reader’s interest. Articles are short and concrete and one can feel the clarity of thoughts of the author while writing these articles.

The author has highlighted judgment, industry and health as the pillars of success. In addition to this he has also discussed factors like luck and money. This work will be very helpful in understanding the real obstacles in our path to success. The discussion on topics like arrogance, panic and prejudice as well as courage and positive aspects of depression is excellent. The last two articles are amazing and very close to our practical life. The numerous examples and anecdotes cited from the lives of famous personalities made this volume a wonderful piece for light reading. While reading this article reader can do a self examination of his own qualities and modify it to attain better standard of living.

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