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Studies of American Fungi, Mushrooms, Edible, Poisonous, etc by George Francis Atkinson

This book by George Francis Atkinson is very interesting, informative and addressed various misconceptions about Fungi. This book has elaborately discussed the distinct characteristics of this class of plants. There is lot of confusion during the study and classification of Mushrooms. The author has come up with concrete information on mushrooms with an objective of reducing confusion on this subject to some extent. This book extensively deals with the anatomy, classification, cultivation and use of Mushrooms. The description followed by the illustration is wonderful and very useful in identifying the edible Mushrooms. People from the field of agriculture, forestry and botany will find this book very easy and others can also follow this book without much difficulty.

The initial chapters are devoted to the study of anatomy and development of fungi in general. The author indulges in a deep and closer examination and classification of fungi based on its physical characteristics like colors of the spores etc in the middle chapters. The author is more focused on the varieties of Agarics. The concluding chapters of this book deals with the various use of Mushrooms and different stages in cultivation of Mushrooms, This book also throws light on the different methods of culture and propagation of mushrooms. The two chapters which add the charm of this book are the selection of mushrooms for the table and the mind-blowing mushroom recipes.

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