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Studies in Ornamental Trees and Shrubs (January 01, 1910) by Harvey Monroe Hall

This paper is published in 1910 by University of California, makes an intense study of cultivation of various varieties of ornamental trees and shrubs in California. The very aim of this paper is to increase the awareness and cultivation of ornamental trees in California. The author has given individual attention to various species of ornamentals trees that are most suited in the soil and climatic conditions of California and which can be grown in the soil of California without any additional effort. The reader will be fascinated with the numerous varieties of ornamental plants differing in size, color and appearance which can be grown in the land of California.

The paper has discussed the various characteristics of ornamental plants and based on this the author has recommended the places where they can be planted. There is enough discussion on effective methods of propagations of ornamental plants. The type of soil for each ornamental tree and shrub is specified in this paper. The author has also emphasized on the alternative uses of various ornamental trees and shrubs like reforestation etc in this paper. This paper is full of tips and tricks not only for the cultivation of ornamental plants but to select the right variety of plant. The paper has also covered various species of ornamental plants not yet cultivated in California but will surely flourish in the soil of California.

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