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Seed Dispersal by W.J. Beal

This book is a short, brilliantly written book on various modes of seed dispersal. The author has presented the subject in a simple and effective manner. This book is a product of years of observation by the author; hence the book contains plenty of examples while explaining different modes of seed dispersal. This book will throw light on how nature plant different varieties of flora. The book reveals amazing facts about plants and natural course of propagation of plants. The transportation of seeds by different medium and the emergence of new plants in different lands are discussed in this book. This book will surely be a must read to understand nature more closely. The book tells a beautiful story of interrelation of flora and animal kingdom on earth.

Before going into the discussion on propagation of plants by seed dispersal the author has discussed the propagation of plants by various parts of plants other than seeds. The author carries out an extensive discussion on the nature and characteristics of seed because of which its transmission by various medium become possible. How seeds are carried by animals in different ways is beautifully presented. The author’s way of describing the beauty and attractive characters of fruits and flowers for their sake and propagation will surely surprise the reader. After reading this book we will be in accord with the author’s statement. The author’s passion for the subject can be felt while reading this book and he has succeeded in enhancing that passion in readers.

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