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School and Home Cooking by Carlotta Cherryholmes Greer

This is an interesting book on cooking and will be helpful for pupil at school and for women at home. The author has aimed this book for the younger ones. Hence she has written this book keeping in mind the experience and understanding of the students with this subject. This book speaks not only about cooking but also of the qualities one need to acquire while studying this subject and the need and scope of making such study. The author has given prime importance to raise the interest level of the students before going deep into the subject and complex recipes. The book is a sandwich of recipes covered with information worth knowing while cooking. The recipes and discussion followed is very simple and the ingredients and utensils used in this book are also of daily use and inexpensive.

This book is divided into eighteen divisions for the convenience of the study and each division is supplemented by related work section for practical experience of the students. There is information about cooking in this book from cleaning the dishes to the necessary utensils and equipments required in the kitchen and its maintenance. The book has emphasized on the preparation of dishes with high nutritive value and aimed at preparation of balanced diet. For making this concept clearer the author has classified food items on the basis of its nutritive value. The functions of various foodstuffs are also briefly discussed in this book. This cookbook is one of the simplest books on cooking that the reader might have come across.

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