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Rural Architecture Being a Complex Description of Farm Houses, Cottages, and Out Buildings by Lewis Falley Allen

This book is written by Lewis Falley Allen based on his personal observations and practical experiences relating to rural architecture. The author does not have any academic background of Architecture and design. Hence he has not gone into technical aspects of Architecture. But he has touched almost all spheres of rural Architectures and hardships confronted by an average American farmer. The designs and plan are made keeping in view the improvements which are very necessary for the advancement of agriculture and to reduce the inconvenience and hardships faced by the American farmers. The author has dealt in detail not only the plan of houses and surroundings but also the domestic architecture of agriculture like shelters for domestic animals and pets and storage houses etc.

The traditional rural architecture is based on the aim of protecting the agriculture products and little attention is paid to the convenience of the household of the farmers. The author has come up with his innovative ideas of achieving this objective with raising the comfort level of farmer’s household and beautification of his houses. This book has given due care to the peculiar needs of local agriculture and American farmers while laying out the plans and groundwork for domestic architecture. This book is written keeping in view the financial condition of average farmer. Hence in all phases of planning and construction is done with cost effectiveness and the erection of structures of domestic architecture is done in such a way that it will result in better farm management. This book is exclusively written for the end user in very simple way.

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