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Rugs: Oriental and Occidental, Antique and Modern : A Handbook for Ready Reference by Rosa Belle Holt

This is a wonderful book on rugs. This book will give plenty of information about the history of rug industry and the process underwent by the rug in your house before adding charm of the house. The book will make the reader stick to it with the various anecdotes and myths associated with the rugs. There is discussion on numerous varieties of rugs used in different parts of world in different period of time. This book also throws light on the changing scenario of rug weaving industry in different parts of world. The discussion goes on from varieties of rugs to the quality of life of people engaged in weaving rugs, the raw materials used in rug industry to the changing trend and commercialization of weaving art and setting up of factories for the production of quality rugs.

The rugs reflect the art and culture of the country. The author has done full justice to the subject. This book has covered all aspects of rug in its short six chapters. This book will surely guide the reader to identify and assess the quality of rug before buying. The discussion has also highlighted the difference between the antique rugs of Persia, Egypt and Asian and the modern world rugs. The different varieties of Persians rugs discussed in this book is fascinating. The author has started from the peculiarities of rugs and rug weaving industry in the country of its origin and the countries like Afghanistan, India, and Turkey who specializes in rug weaving to rug industry of European countries.

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