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Researches on cellulose 1895-1900 by E.J. Bevan and C.F.Cross

This book gives an overview and new advances made in the study of cellulose. It also has an intense discussion on the significance of study of cellulose in today’s world. The authors have made the study of cellulose in different perspectives and came out with this book. The study of cellulose itself is very difficult due to its complex structure but the authors have done their best to systematically arrange the information. They have classified cellulose on the basis of its composition, function and application for the convenience of study. This research work has cited and discussed the significant studies and result made in the field of study of cellulose. This is a complex work sometimes very difficult to get along with, but thorough study and revision will make things better.

This work consists of an introduction and followed by eight sections. Introductory part of this book is very important as it gives intense information about cellulose and an outline and objectives of this particular study. The authors have made an intense study of natural as well as synthetic cellulose and its properties. The intricate study of molecular structure of cellulose and the discussion on isolation of cellulose and its estimation methods are appreciable. This study has challenged various prevalent facts about cellulose. This is a very vast subject and this work will be surely helpful for the students to undertake new fields in the study of cellulose.

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