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Remix Making Art And Commerce Thrive in the Hybrid Economy By Lawrence Leesig

Lawrence Lessig in this book like his earlier works questions the existing regulations in the wake of rapid development in the field of information technology. This book has focused on the area of copyright laws enacted a century ago. The author throws light on numerous litigations coming up with the advent and rapid growth of internet and its related technologies. With citing numerous examples from our daily life when an ordinary man indulge in infringement of copyright laws without intending to do so. In his present work, he strongly emphasize the reexamination of objectives of drafting of copyright laws and making changes in the existing copyright laws in the wake of developing technology. The author has raised his concern over the commercialization of Copyright laws.

For better understanding of copyright laws and its social and cultural perspectives author has discussed the changes undergone in the field of music in the last few centuries. There was also a good deal of discussion on where there is a need of government interference or regulations in the field of creativity of art. The close examination of various present copyright laws in this book indicates that the main objectives of theses laws are to protect certain corporate institutions rather than incentive and encouragement to the creator. The first part of its book analyses the changes undergone in sharing ones creativity. The second part studies the present scenario in economic view point. The third part deals with the future of copyright laws how it ought to be.

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