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The Zij as-Sanjari of Gregory Chioniades (June 27, 2009) by Joseph Leichter

This publication of the Astronomical society of the Pacific and the Astronomical society of the Pacific itself is a matter of pride and a genuine effort towards the development of study of Astronomy. This work will give an extensive information beginning from the formation and constitution of the society, the objective and functions of the society and the various publications of observation and research work which throws light on different areas of Astronomy. These publications serve as a record of various celestial events like solar eclipses, movement of various stars, comets and other celestial bodies. This society has extended its hands to the amateurs as their contribution serves as valuable information in future studies of Astronomy.

The publications of the Astronomical society of the Pacific give lot of information and data for study and comparing for the researchers in this field. The various studies like measurement of light from comets and starts and its application in determining its position and distance, path followed by various comets, planets and stars are fascinating. The effort of society in promoting the amateur’s interest in this field by rewarding the discoverers of new comets is praiseworthy. This work also contains papers on key research areas on Astronomy. There are lot of information on the functioning of the society and minutes of the meeting which may sometimes distract the reader. The accomplishments of the Astronomical society is laudable and worth reading.

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