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A Pluralistic Universe: Hibbert Lectures at Manchester College on the present situation in Philosophy by William James

This work is a series of lecture given by William James at Manchester College on new trend in philosophy. The lectures are amazing. The lecture exhibits a thinker’s and philosopher’s outlook towards the society. The lecture has given in simple words the general reason for the origin of philosophies. Even though the subject may appear strange, but once getting hold of the book it will take the reader to a philosophical journey of change in philosophical thoughts and approach. The concept of pluralism by different philosophers like Kant and Hegel are discussed in this series of lecture by William James. This lecture is also good for general reading.

There are eight lectures in this work. Each lecture is perfect in its length and content. The changing pattern of philosophical thought is highlighted in these lectures. The lecture appeals to the students of philosophy to bring simplicity and make this subject about the common man accessible to the ordinary men. The lecture has not gone to the very basics of the subject but touched all the schools of philosophy and their trends in different periods. The lectures need repeated reading to reach the crust of it. Sometimes the lecture may appear abstract and sometimes the shift of discussion will leave the reader confused. After going through the lectures one will surely feel the urge to understand this subject more closely.

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