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Pictorial Composition and the Critical Judgment of Pictures by Henry Rankin Poore

This book is as claimed by its author meant for laymen, student and artist. This book gives the general idea about picture composition to the laymen, but for amateur’s it clears the general principles of picture composition and for professional artists they can learn and sharpen their skills with author’s years of experience in this field. The study and analysis of principles of composition and its application and its simple explanation with help of many famous works is the principle attraction of this book. The author has touched the work of different periods and taken an extra step in developing and sharpening the skills of composition of budding artists. The author has approached the subject without any prejudices and presumption and maintained a critical and analytical method of study throughout the book.

This book is written by the author who approaches the art of painting and picture composition in a scientific manner. The author speaks in detail about maintaining balance and significance of balance in pictorial composition. The discussion on making balance in pictorial composition by opposition of lines and transition of lines is presented in a very effectively and efficiently. The author speaks about entering into and exiting from the picture from the viewpoint of the observer which will be very useful for a budding artist. This book will also give an overview and understanding of application of principles of geometry in pictorial composition. Henry Rankin Poore has touched all the fields relating to pictorial compositions.

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