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People of Africa by Edith A. How

This is a very short and simple book published in 1921 which gives a close insight into the life of people of Africa. This book beautifully describes the diversity of African people, their custom, and culture and in the landscape of Africa. This book also gives a brief history of Africa which is very necessary to understand the present scenario in Africa. This book give information about the people of Egypt blessed with the Nile River, people of Sahara desert and the hot south of Africa, Uganda and South Africa and Congo. Egypt was the most developed nation because of frequent interaction with the people of other continents. Egypt’s geographical location and the climatic conditions and Nile River helped to evolve as a nation with great culture. The life and customs of other countries are also described in this book.

The arrival of Europeans has made tremendous changes in the life of people of Africa. This book has made an in depth analysis of positive and negative impacts of coming of Europeans in different parts of Africa. This book tells a wonderful story of a land gifted by nature with huge natural resources. But due to the frequent fight between the different tribes and communities and the prevalence of various social evils like slavery and polygamy they remained underdeveloped. Though with the arrival of foreigners, peace was resumed to some extent but the people of the land started working for money in large farms and mines. This book tells a wonderful and heart touching tale of the people of different parts of Africa.

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