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Outline of the development of the internal commerce of the United States by Thurman William Van Metre

This piece of work gives intense information of the state of internal trade and commerce of United State in the nineteenth century. The author has dealt this complex subject with utmost simplicity and systematically. The author has very aptly touched the political history while dealing with the development of internal trade. This work has traced the development of internal trade which led to the overall development of the country. This work of Van Metre is very informative. The author has given good account of the significance of various water bodies like rivers, canals and lakes in the initial period for internal trade in this work.

The author before going into the complexity of the subject has given a brief idea of origin of any internal trade between the inhabitants of a newly formed country. This work has also touched the political factors which affected the internal trade and the development of internal trade which paved the way for new economic and political order. For the convenience of the study, the state of internal trade is divided into two parts 1789-1830, the period which witnessed the fall and recovery of internal trade. The period of 1830-1860 saw the phase of development with better means of transportation and communication and author has discussed the surge in internal trade during this period.

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