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Outdoor Sketching by Francis Hopkinson Smith

The great artist speaks about his experiences and his theories of outdoor sketching in this book. The book will give an idea of clarity of thoughts of the author that is well reflected in his sketches. The author shares his love for nature and outdoor sketching in this book. The author’s speaks about the joy of reproducing the nature’s beauty on canvass. Francis Hopkinson Smith has dealt the subject very systematically. Outdoor sketching is divided into four elements and there is a detail discussion on each topic. The significance of composition and mass in outdoor sketching is explained and his experience of water colors and charcoal is also shared with the reader. The shortcomings and difficulties in outdoor sketching and trips and tricks to minimize this are also covered by the author.

The author has started with selecting the subject of outdoor sketching from the nature’s infinitive boundaries. The sketching of continuously changing nature is very challenging. The author speaks about necessity of execution in one sitting. The concept of good composition with centre of interest and the significant role played by mass in outdoor sketching is explained with the famous works of renowned artists. The concept of high light and strong dark was beautifully explained. The technique of outdoor sketching are discussed and encourages the budding artists to follow the technique by which they can express them perfectly. The author has thrown light on the special features of drawings made with water color and charcoal.

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