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Origin and Development of Form and Ornament in Ceramic Art by William Henry Holmes

This work on ceramic art by William Henry Holmes which mainly focuses on the form and ornament in Ceramic Art. This work on ceramic art will be of equal importance to the students of history and arts. The author has first focused on the form in ceramic art and various changes in forms and then moved on the discussion to ornament leaving no scope of confusion anywhere. The smooth flow of topic beginning from practical needs of human being to the development of aesthetic art and theoretical aspects applying the principle of geometry in form and ornament of ceramic art is just amazing. This is very short but concrete work which gives an in depth information of the subject as well as an outer sketch for further research.

The author has begun with the accidental discovery of properties of clay by human being and its uses to use of clay in imitations of various forms and later invention of forms with clay. The first half of the book makes the concept of form very clear to the reader. The second half of the book discusses the ornament and its modification. The need for modification of form is discussed very efficiently in this book. The section on ornament is also very interesting and informative. The author has come up with list of natural items like sea shells with which human mind might have inspired which led to the development of this aesthetic art of ceramic. The reader can trace the development of ornament from simple ornament like improvements of forms to highly evolved decorative pieces.

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