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Organic Syntheses by James Bryant Conant

This work gives the method of preparations of various organic substances. This work will be of great relief for those researchers who are struck due to unavailability of these substances. These methods are supplemented by notes containing detailed guidelines to avoid any kinds of mistakes. This work has given the preparation method of selected organic compounds like Benzyl Benzoate, Dichloroacetone and Ethyle Oxalate. Every method is given in the form of a chemical equation followed by the detailed procedure and further supplemented by notes. Sometimes more than one method is given for the preparation of single compound. Every method prepared by research scientists is cross checked by other research scientist.

This work will surely serve as an inspiration for young researchers to come up with more methods for the preparation of more and more compounds. Some methods described in this work can be applied in commercial production also. Hence this book will be useful not only for researchers but also for chemist who are looking forward for alternative methods at reasonable cost for the production of organic compounds. The step by step instruction is given in this work to avoid any sort of confusion. James Bryant Conant with this work has given a key to unlock and understand and explore the world of organic compounds.

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