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Needlework as Art by Viscountess Marianne Margaret Compton Cust Alford

This book speaks about the wonderful art of decorative embroidery. Normally it is included as part of textile designing, but the author recommends a higher place for the art of embroidery with other arts like painting, architecture and sculpture. This is not merely an instruction book for embroidery. The author has tried to trace out its history as well as made a thorough study of its constituents like style, design, pattern and material etc. Though the art of needlework touches the other area of art like painting and sculpture the author has kept it simple and discusses it as an independent branch. The author has also analyzed the scope of this art in this era. The book is written with keeping in view the need of the beginners and designers.

There is an elaborate discussion on style, design and pattern and tracing their history and development in different civilization. There is a chapter dedicated on different raw materials used in different parts of the world in needlework. The chapter on colors is amazing. The discussion on stitches and its classification is contained in the second half of the book. The author has come across various technical words specific to this art but always explained the complex terminologies in terms of common man. The wide decorative purposes of embroidery work are given in this book. The appendix given in the end of the book is also very informative and useful.

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