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Morals in Trade and Commerce by Frank B. Anderson

This is an interesting and soothing lecture delivered by Frank B. Anderson. The lecture speaks about the significance of morals in this era of cut throat competition. This is a lecture which will surely touch the soul of its readers. The lecture is focused on positive aspects of human life. Honesty and fair dealing is now also a predominant factor in today’s business world. This lecture is a wake up call for those whose thoughts are largely driven by the media. This lecture has also pointed out the changing standards of right and wrong in every society in different periods. And the same is applicable in the business world. This piece of lecture should be read with open mind i.e. without any prior notions about the corporations.

This work has not only restricted to moral and ethics followed in business but touched all spheres of human life. The language used is very simple which can be easily understood by ordinary person and can be relates to himself and his surroundings. After reading this work we will surely feel that this world is a better place than we thought. We should surely conscious of so many good things happening around us rather than focusing only on mischievous and dishonest practices. The author has also admitted certain abuses and reforms taken to minimize it like legislation and public opinion. This work will surely clear the misleading concepts associated with corporation to some extent.

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