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Mom's Best Recipes-Volume 2(2007) by Shirley McNevich

This book is continuation of Volume 1 published in 2006 and like the earlier volume it contains recipes of delicious dishes and snacks. The recipes in this volume are little bit complex than the earlier volume. The author may be expecting a bit higher level of expertise from her reader in this volume. There are surely very simple items like Onion dip, mashed potatoes, and creamy cabbage in the list. The majority of recipe in this volume is for different varieties of cookies. This volume has not restricted to snacks and cakes but there is wide variety of recipe food items like appetizers, Salads, pickles, Dumplings, Donuts and the lists goes on.

Shirley McNevich's recipes will surely remind the reader of the aroma of their motherís kitchen. This cookbook has recipes ranging from main dishes to light snacks, quick to prepare dish for a hectic working day to complex dishes to impress your guest and play the role of a perfect host. There are recipes of spicy and chilly dishes and recipes of dishes which will chill out your evening. There are recipes of dishes to be served in the main course and desserts. One canít resist them self from trying out these recipes in their kitchen especially chicken fingers etc. The steps given in this book can be easily followed by people with passion for cooking.

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