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Mom’s Best Recipes-Volume 1 (2006) by Shirley McNevich

This is a recipe book containing two hindered and fifty amazing recipes from Shirley McNevich and Aunt Betty (Herman Arnold). There are recipes of numerous varieties of cakes in this book. That too these special cakes recipes are very easy to prepare. Most of the ingredients used in this recipe book are readily available in the markets. This is a perfect book if you are in search of a simple with numerous variety of easy to make snacks and cakes. Some recipe names will surely raise the reader’s curiosity level like “Party Punch (with a kick), Deviled Eggs, and Impossible Pumpkin Pie etc. This book has recipes of snacks to prepare round the year. This cookbook will surely equip the reader to meet the quick demands of their children and guests.

This cookbook has started with recipes of easy to make cakes, snacks and salads and later on to somewhat complex recipes. The variety of cakes will surprise the reader like carrot cake, pumpkin cakes with the usual flavours of cake. There are numerous varieties of salads for the reader to try everyday for their table. This cookbook is a one stop solution for vegetarians and non vegetarians. Like all other cookbooks this also have short comings like some ingredients are particular to region, season and in some recipes relying on the knowledge of readers few steps are skipped which may give rise to confusion. But the numerous varieties will make the reader to overcome this shortcoming and explore the delicious world of snacks and cakes.

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