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Many Ways for Cooking Eggs by Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer

This book is all about eggs. This book by Sarah Tyson Heston Rorer is a good collection of egg recipes. Though egg forms an essential part of our diet, there are many information we might have missed out and there are various misconception associated with eggs. This book will surely enrich reader’s knowledge about egg and clear such misconceptions associated with it. This book has given information about the nutritive value of egg and various methods of its preparations. The author has given the preparation of egg in different parts of world. This book will equip the reader to prepare egg in new style every day.

This book has given varieties of foodstuffs in which egg is used as an essential ingredient. There are recipes of sauces, snacks and vegetable and meat dishes in combination with eggs. The various methods suggested for preservation of eggs are just amazing. The reader will be overwhelmed by the varieties of omelets, sweet omelet, and omelets with green peas, cheese, Asparagus tips etc. All the recipes are very simple and can be easily prepared. The only drawback with this book is its lacking in order. The content is very good but not systematically arranged. But that will not stop from trying out the recipes in this book.

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