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Manual of Gardening (second edition) by L.H. Bailey

This is a great book on gardening mainly written for home gardeners keeping in view their resources and knowledge. This book covers the basics of gardening and discusses the numerous varieties of plants ranging from flower plants, fruit bearing plants, ornamental plants and vegetables. This book also contains innovative ideas of gardening by utilizing the minimum spaces available in and around the houses. The author has given the simpler ways of beautification of gardens and is really amazing. The principles of landscape gardening will be very helpful to the reader. The author has put his best efforts and not only included the very basics of gardening but almost keeping in view the various household things associated with gardening often overlooked by other writers.

The shortcoming of principles of gardening is lack of its universal application. The content discussed in this book is mainly based on the climatic condition and soils of north eastern states of USA. The art of gardening is not in literally following the instruction given in any manual. But surely this book will be very helpful for the reader to come up with his own customized ideas for his piece of land or using the available place. He has elaborately discussed the various process involved in making of garden including propagation and culture of plants. He has shared with the readers his various tested and trusted tips on gardening protection of plants from decay, pests and other injuries and storage of fruits and vegetables. This book is a perfect book on gardening covering all the aspects and options available to the home gardener.

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