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The Machinery of the Universe, Mechanical Conceptions of Physical Phenomena by A.E. Dolbear

This book by A,E.Dolbear makes an attempt to clear the concept of mechanical changes and Physical phenomena during transformation of energy. This book is the by product of a lecture on “Mechanical Conception of Electrical Phenomena” given by the author. This book has gone to the basics and tried to explain the concepts in its simplest form. The author has avoided the complex terminologies as far as possible and started the book from the pre Newton era while explaining the mechanical principles and the phenomenon governing them. Before going to the main topic of discussion the author has given an overview of all the related concepts and phenomena.

This book is divided into three chapters. The title of the book may scare the reader. But once the reader is done with the first chapter will be surely confident of moving to the following chapters. The author has given a general idea of motion, force and energy and then moved to gravitation and then came to the Faraday’s principle. The second chapter of the book will enrich the reader’s knowledge about matter and its properties in contrast with ether. The third chapter is complicated and requires reader’s maximum attention and concentration. This chapter focuses on electricity and its related phenomena. The author has tried his best to explain all the terms with examples from everyday life. .

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