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Life and Matter A Criticism of Professor Haeckel's 'Riddle of the Universe' by Sir Oliver Lodge

This is an interesting book. Don't be misguided with the title of the book. This book cannot be regarded as a criticism of Professor Haeckel's "Riddle's of the Universe". This book has given a good insight into the various parts of the book by making an in depth study of Haeckel's book and could be regarded as a supplement. This book by Sir Oliver Lodge will throw light on the dogmas of Philosophers towards the scientific approach followed in all other branches of science.. The theories of philosophy, postulated by Haeckel in his book are made to stand the test of basic scientific approach by Sir Oliver Lodge. This book has given new dimensions to thoughts put forward by Haeckel's in his book.

This book is not at all questioning the content of the book as right or wrong. The author has widened the application of theories of Haeckel's. The author has questiond the approach of Haeckel's towards subjects like law of substance. The third chapter 'The development of life' which discusses Haeckel's connection between matter and origin of life is very interesting. The discussion on religion and philosophy as in Haeckel's book was criticized as narrow approach. The reader's who have already come across Haecke's "Riddle of the Universe" will surely read it once again after reading this book by Sir Oliver Lodge.

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