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Kinship Organizations and Group marriage in Australia by Northcote W. Thomas

This book is an extensive study of various aspects of kinship groups in Australia with special references to institutions of marriage and group marriages in Australia. Initially it will be difficult for people without any background of Anthropology to get along with this book. But once the reader gets hold of the book it will be wonderful book which will throw light on the history of various traditions and prohibition for marriage prevalent among the various communities of Australia. The first few chapters deal with the origin history and descent in kinship organization and require an in depth reading to understand the last chapters which deals with the rules and regulation relating to marriage followed in the kinship organization. This book makes an extensive study of totem kinships, phratries and their classification and distinct features and factors like residence and descent which determines their distribution in the tribe.

The institution of marriage is a significance step towards human civilization. This book makes an analysis of various kinds of associations of primitive man and its development into various social organizations. Also focuses his study on factors which makes the study of marriage as an institution very necessary. The rules of marriages are very complicated and based on very complex web of relations. The author has done his best to explain it in simpler terms to the reader. The author has also examined the various peculiar customs associated with marriage prevalent among the Australian tribes in this book. This book will be very useful for the students of sociology and Anthropology to understand the society in its present form.

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