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Jacobean Embroidery, Its Forms and Fillings Including Late Tudor by Ada Wentworth Fitzwilliam and A. F. Morris Hands

This book discusses the form and style of embroidery prevalent in England in different periods with special references to Jacobean era. The author tries to trace the history of needlework in England by studying the various decorative pieces used in different reigns. There is a brief discussion on the influence of outer world on the embroidery work of England. The author of this work deserves a big round of applause for making a sincere attempt to trace the history of household art. This is a short work and illustrations constitute the bulk of the work. The concrete discussion followed by these meticulously selected illustrations followed by comments will surely gives tremendous information of English embroidery works.

The author speaks about the stitching pattern, prevalent styles and shades in England. Although the classification of styles particular to different periods is not possible, the author has discussed the style that was in dominance during different reigns. The main discussion is on needlework of Stuart and Jacobean era. The beautiful embroidery work on wall hangings, coarse linen, cushions and stool cover etc are mentioned in this work. The illustrations will throw light on various popular stitches like Tudor crewel stitch, stem stitch and many more. The needlework which has added life to the leaves and flowers on the plane surfaces can be observed by closely examining the illustrations.

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