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Handbooks of the Trees of New England by Henry M. Brooks and Lorin Low Dame

This book has undertaken the study of trees of New England. This is a subject oriented book basically suitable for students of botany and well familiar with the basics and terminologies of the subject. The authors have divided the trees of New England into twenty three families and conducted a detail study of numerous varieties of trees commonly grown in and around New England. The book has discussed the habitat and physical characteristics and growth pattern exhibited by various species. The author has thrown light on the inflorescence and specific characteristics of fruits. The added and valuable information is the horticultural value of these trees provided at the end of the discussion on each trees.

This compilation of information on different species of trees distributed in and around New England is very informative. The list of trees included in this book is exhaustive. The author’s of this book surely need a great deal of appreciation for this meticulous work. Though it may be tedious for people with other background to do an experiment with this book, but the students of botany will surely love this handbook. This handbook is full of facts reported by the botanist and there is no room for any discussion or comparison. The patterns and physical properties of trees discussed in this book are peculiar to New England. Hence this book is a valuable resource in understanding the flora of this region.

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