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Guide to Elementary Chemistry for Beginners by Roy C. Cooley

This is a very interesting and distinct book on elementary chemistry by Roy C. Cooley. The author had explained the complex phenomenon of chemistry in terms of simple experiments in this book. The main focus of the author in this book is to train the young minds the application of various principles of chemistry to the things around them. This will be very helpful for the beginners as well teacher for developing a new approach towards this subject. This book can be classified as a manual on how to approach the subject. The author has judiciously selected the topics and maintained the perfect flow of discussion from one topic to another leaving minimal scope of any confusion.

The first chapter of the book is very significant. In this chapter, a teacher shares his years of experience and comes out with a unique way to approach the subject. In depth reading of the introductory chapter will give an insight into the approach and method to be followed in the following chapters of the book. Every discussion and explanation of facts and phenomenon is followed by simple experiments. His outstanding selection of simple experiments makes this book class apart. These experiments will not only make the concept clear for the students but teach them to observe and understand the things around them. This book is a sincere effort from a teacher to inculcate scientific things in his students.

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