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Great Astronomers by Sir Robert S. Ball

This book consists of the life sketches of the great astronomers from different periods in history and from different fields. The charm of this book is that it is written by a well known astronomer whose books are authority in this field. This book gives the life history of great astronomers and their contributions or discoveries which made them the authority in the study of Astronomy. This book studies development of study of celestial bodies with the life and achievements of great scholars of Astronomy. The reader will love this book and after reading this book the fascination and interest towards this subject will surely increase. This book gives a brief history of study of Astronomy, but the author begins his detail study with the life history of Ptolemy.

This book shows that all of the men of great intellects who are the centre of discussion in this book have some common traits. This book reveals the versatile characters of these great astronomers. It will be interesting to know that each of them questioned the various existing notions of Astronomy and gave a new dimension to the study of Astronomy. The author is very careful in selecting the personalities so that he can make a parallel analysis of the significant turning points in the study of Astronomy. The book goes very smoothly and the reader will never fill that it discusses the life of persons who lived in different periods of time. Beginning from Ptolemy to Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Newton, and all others, the author tells the story of great men who were fascinated by the mystery of universe.

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