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Fungi Their Nature and Uses by M.C.Cooke

This book is written keeping in view the needs and knowledge of students in this subject. This book contains systematic information about fungi and addressed the areas where the maximum confusion arises. The study of fungi is more complicated than the plants and animal kingdoms. The author has focused on the areas where the fungi resemble and differ from other kingdoms. The vastness of the subject and the numerous species of fungi exhibiting minute variations in structure but exhibiting different properties make it impossible to cover it in few pages. The author has efficiently selected the order and suborders for detailed examination and study so that maximum information about fungi can be passed to the students. This book will surely serve as a reference point for beginners in the study of fungi and framework for those who would like to do further research in this field.

This book first focuses on the structure of fungi and explains it with the close examination of fungi from different orders. Then moves to the classification of fungi based on the type of fructification. This is followed by a chapter on uses of fungi. The most known use of fungi is included in human food but the author has thrown light on various other uses of fungi like medicinal uses. The most interesting part of the book is growth, germination and propagation of fungi. The book has also discussed the sexual reproduction in fungi which is topic of research for eminent botanist. The concluding chapters deal with habitat, cultivation and geographical distributions of fungi and this information is very vital for the students of Botany.

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