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Fruits of Queensland by Albert H. Benson, M.R.A.C.

This is an interesting book published in 1914 and gives a good account of the natural resources, landscape, soil and climatic conditions conducive for growing variety of fruits in Queensland. At the time of publishing this book, Queensland was in need of manpower to develop fruit growing industry. This book gives a good insight into the prospect of fruit growers in Queensland. This book gives an idea of diversity of soil and climate which makes it possible to produce almost all varieties of fruits produced in any part of the world in Queensland. The book also provides information about the valuable information provided by the Government of Queensland to the new settler’s in different stages of fruit growing. This book also detailed the pattern of rainfall in different regions of Queensland which may reduce the effort of fruit grower for irrigation.

This book is writeen keeping in view the concerns of fruit growers in Queensland. As the author himself was closely associated with fruit culture in Queensland, he has successfully addressed most of the questions raised by the people interested in fruit growing industry in Queensland. The author has made three divisions of main fruit growing centers of Queensland based on its climate, soil and pattern of rainfall and its suitability for growing different variety of fruits. This book will give good information of which part of Queensland is suitable for cultivating, tropical and semi tropical fruits, deciduous fruits and citrus and fruits like grapes, dates etc. This book contains information about cultivation of fruits of commercial significance like Mango, banana, peach etc. Each fruit is discussed under a separate head providing all necessary information necessary for a new settler.

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