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Experiments upon magnesia, alba, quicklime, and some other alcaline substances by Joseph Black

This is a paper presentation by Joseph Black on his experiments upon magnesia, alba, quicklime and other alcaline substances. The paper is mainly based on his scientific method of study undertaken with the help of various experiments and investigation and its results. This research paper will also give a highlight of the quantitative research method to the student of chemistry. This study will throw light on the various chemical properties of magnesia and there is good comparison of its properties with other alkaline substance. Every conclusion arrived by Joseph Black in his study of magnesia, alba, quicklime, and other alcaline substances is supported by numerous experiments.

This paper is divided into two parts. The first part deals extensively with chemical properties of magnesia. The second part is more specific and study magnesia as peculiar earth and fixed air and its variation with quick lime. Based on his study Joseph black arrived at five propositions about these alkaline substances. The research paper in its second part deals with this proposition and many experiments and observation which gave these propositions the status of scientific theory. The approach of Joseph Black in this research paper will surely inspire the young students of chemistry to question the theories of earlier scholars and test them with relevant experiments and reach wider conclusions.

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