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English Walnuts What You Need to Know About Planting, Cultivating and Harvesting This Most Delicious of Nuts by Walter Fox Allen

The walnut tree has always attracted man with its delicious nut and its beauty and as a shade tree. This book is a compilation of important contents from various writings on Persian or English Walnuts and will be very useful to the growers of walnuts. Walnuts enjoy a higher place in the world of fruits because of its high nutritional and economical value. In earlier writings on walnut and its history it is referred as “nut of the Gods”. This work is a short and perfect book on Walnut giving valuable and practical information about planting, cultivating and harvesting walnuts. The growth pattern of walnut is different from most of the fruit trees. Hence it becomes very necessary to understand the peculiar nature of the walnut trees and requirements for its healthy growth.

Beginning from the type of soil required for the cultivation of walnuts, this book has discussed the efficient methods of its propagation and the right stage of its transplantation. The writer has given the details of applying manures and fertilizers and considered the cultivation of soil and keeping the moisture of the soil is best for the growth of walnut trees. The unique features of walnut trees like its sap control the pests, self pruning and its high resistance from cold is discussed in this book. It has also given various methods of storage of walnut and various uses of this fruit. Overall, this small piece of work contains valuable information about walnuts.

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