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Elements of Structural and Systematic Botany for High Schools and Elementary College Courses by Douglas Houghton Campbell

This book is written with an objective of giving systematic knowledge to students both in theoretical and practical aspects. This book will give a comprehensive knowledge of botany and scope of its study. This book is different from all other books published in this subject as it approaches the subject with a student’s preview and develop the subject matter with an aim to impart practical knowledge while making them understand the basics of the subject. The book will give a clear idea to the student of content and concepts of structural and systematic botany. The author has started the study from single cell to lower plants and moved on to the complex higher plants. The classification of plants into sub kingdom, class, order, family, genus, species and the significance of such classification is beautifully explained in this book.

The author has done a great job by selecting the commonest organisms from particular group of organism and closely examining its characteristics. This book has also traced the step by step development of plants when moving from lower kingdom to higher kingdoms. Once the student is done with the book will have a clear idea of significance of studying the structural botany for better understanding of classification and vice versa. Starting from single cell plants to the highly evolved flowering plants, the book has studied the structure, growth patterns and sexual reproduction. This will be a perfect book for introducing systematic botany and its significance to the students.

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