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Elements of Chemistry in a New Systematic Order, Containing all the modern discoveries, illustrated with thirteen copperplates By Antoine Lavoisier

This is an English translation of “Elements of chemistry” by Antoine Lavoisier which was originally written in French. The translator has done his job very perfectly leaving the imperfections made by the author as in the original work. The author wrote this book after a deep analysis and understanding of flaws prevalent in the method of approach and teaching of chemistry. This work the author deals with the nomenclatures of chemical substance. Before dealing with the main subject, the author has covered the basic topics one leading to another so that the reader can easily follow. The author has discussed the derivation of most commonly used words like oxygen, various acids.

The author has throughout the book followed his principle of taking into account the immediate and reasonable facts of experiments in making any conclusion. Hence he has selected the simple experiments which give the best results instead of sticking on to any assumptions. In this way, the author has arrived at a simple method in giving new names to the chemical substance on the basis of its components and properties and explained it with very simple experiments. It is amazing to see that great care has been taken not to give any name which may give a misconception about the properties of substance. The only difficulty in this book is that weight and measurement were not given according to the international standard.

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