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Culture and cooking Art in the Kitchen by Catherine Owen

This book as claimed by the author is not a usual cookbook. This book is a gentle attempt to present cooking as an art reflecting the culture. This book bridges the gap between the cookbooks and books on housekeeping. This book has come up with discussion on commonly made mistakes while cooking and housekeeping. There is no repetitive recipe of commonly made dishes. The small anecdotes will make the reader stick to it till done with the last page of the book. This book is worth reading and definitely after finishing this book will have an affinity towards the great art of cooking and will surely bring an awareness of better household management. This book is full of tips and tricks for every day household management.

The book has made a start by addressing the general phobia associated with home made breads. There are simple methods to prepare varieties of soft and delicious breads and pastries at home. This book will show the smarter ways of spending on stocks and preparation of varieties of dishes at the cost of the regular dish usually we have on our tables. There are lot of information on the needs and requirement and efficient management of small families. The section on frying and broiling is very interesting and helpful. There are recipes but different from the standard recipes with some innovation and novelty in it. The fifteenth and sixteenth chapter of this book is worth reading. As a whole this book is distinct and comprehensible work on this subject.

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