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The $100 Prize Essay on the Cultivation of the Potato and How to Cook the Potato by D. H. Compton and Pierre Blot

This is an interesting essay on potato and won $100 prize as best essay on potato cultivation. This book will guide the potato grower to produce potatoes of best quality. This is a practical guide for potato grower based on the writer’s hands on experience in cultivation of potatoes. Production of good quality of potatoes mainly depends on the quality of soil and large amount of humus in land. Hence these essays suggest various natural methods to enrich the soil with necessary manures and fertilizers and retaining the humus of land. This essay also discusses the numerous varieties of potatoes and its properties and returns to the cultivator. There are step by step instructions for planting and manuring potatoes. The causes of potato rot and the methods to prevent and cure potato rot are elaborately discussed by the author.

Digging of potatoes is very important and need to be done with great care. The writer has discussed the things to be taken care while digging the roots. He has also thrown light on the various types of insects and pests and the nature and extent of damage done by them on the potato crops. The writer has suggested some simple ways to control pests and insects. The section which deals with the different methods to cook potatoes is very interesting. This essay will be very informative and all the methods suggested by the writer is based on his years of experiments and experiences. Hence it will be very helpful and useful in improving the productivity and quality of potato crops.

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