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Cooking Com Bigode: Vegetarian improvisational peasant fusion cuisine for the 22nd century by Ankur Shah

This is one another cookbook with recipes. But it is different from all other recipe book not for its recipes but the simplicity of method prescribed in this book. The small variations suggested in this book for the everyday dishes are amazing. The trips and tricks mentioned in this book to save time and add flavour will be very helpful in everyday cooking. The author has blended the Brazilian and Indian style of cooking and come up with mind blowing recipes and this wonderful book on cooking. The best part of the book is its attempt to make natural food free of any artificial or packed ingredients as far as possible. The book will take the reader to a world of delicious vegetarian dishes.

The author has begun with different varieties of rice and its method of preparation in different parts of world. Then the author has moved on to recipes of those vegetables found easily in Brazilian Kitchens. The author has given methods of making different variation of same item by making small change in the ingredients. This book will be a perfect book for those who would love to do new experiments everyday in their kitchen. This book will be a break from all those recipe books with complicated terminologies and require more complicated equipments for preparing simple dishes. The author deserves a big round of applause for his innovative method of cooking and recipes and of course for the concept of Bigode restaurant.

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