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Commercial Geography: A Book for High Schools, Commercial courses, and business colleges by Jacques W. Redway

This book deals with an interesting area of study Commercial Geography. There was an elaborate discussion on the need of study of such branch and the main field which comes under the scope of study of this branch. The careful reading of first four chapters will give an idea of the subject. The author has explained the basics of both the subjects. This book is very simple to follow. The advantages and disadvantages of certain geographical factors which make a crucial decision in the trade policy of the nation are highlighted in this text. The end of each section is supplemented by set of questions to assess the understanding of readers. This will be a perfect book to follow for the beginners.

This textbook on Commercial Geography is divided into thirty four chapters. Beginning from the general principles of inter relation of Commerce and Geography the initial chapters of the book has discussed commerce in different civilization. Then the author has proceeded to the effect of topographic and climatic condition of a nation in its trade and commerce. The development of better means of transport which paved the way for rapid movement of food products and interdependence of nations of the world is beautifully explained in this book. The first half of the book deals with commerce and Geography in general. The second half of the book makes study the Geographical conditions and associated trade practices of major countries of the world.

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